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Month: August 2017

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Donation

Rick Campbell and I presented the proceeds from our Annual Combined Book Signing to Melodie Waddle from the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. This year we earned more than $1500 for NMCRS to help our Sailors, Marines and their families in need.

New Editions of Final Bearing and Operation Golden Dawn

Well, just completed two new updates to my books.

We are publishing a new edition of Final Bearing. When we bought the rights back from TOR-Forge in 2011, we re-published the book in a 5″X8″ format. To keep the cost reasonable in that format, we had to cut the page count and thus make the font small (8). The new edition is in a 6″x9″ format and with a much easier to read 12 font.

And we have a new edition of Operation Golden Dawn. An eagle-eyed reader, Steve Southard, spotted several errors that needed correcting. The new edition corrects those errors. I’m thinking of asking Steve to edit my new book before we publish it. 😉

Both new editions are now available on Amazon.