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George Wallace Posts

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Donation

Rick Campbell and I presented the proceeds from our Annual Combined Book Signing to Melodie Waddle from the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. This year we earned more than $1500 for NMCRS to help our Sailors, Marines and their families in need.

New Editions of Final Bearing and Operation Golden Dawn

Well, just completed two new updates to my books.

We are publishing a new edition of Final Bearing. When we bought the rights back from TOR-Forge in 2011, we re-published the book in a 5″X8″ format. To keep the cost reasonable in that format, we had to cut the page count and thus make the font small (8). The new edition is in a 6″x9″ format and with a much easier to read 12 font.

And we have a new edition of Operation Golden Dawn. An eagle-eyed reader, Steve Southard, spotted several errors that needed correcting. The new edition corrects those errors. I’m thinking of asking Steve to edit my new book before we publish it. πŸ˜‰

Both new editions are now available on Amazon.

Book Signing to benefit the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society

Rick Campbell and I are doing our annual Book Signing for the benefit of the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. When we did one last year, we raised $2000 dollars for NMCRS so we decided to make it an annual event.
This year, we are doing the signing at the Town Center, Building 22, on the Washington Navy Yard. The Event will be on 20 July from 1100-1400. All proceeds go to the NMCRS.
Anyone with a valid CAC, military ID, or a retired military ID can get access to the yard at any of the open gates. Anyone without these IDs will need to be escorted on the Yard. If there is enough interest from people who can’t get on the Yard, we will look at having another signing off the Yard somewhere.

2017 DC Area Submarine Birthday Ball

Penny and I are attending the DC Area Submarine Birthday Ball on Saturday evening, 1 April. It is being held at the Marriott Gateway Hotel, as usual. Someone really should have looked hard at scheduling the Birthday Ball on April Fools Day. Hope to see you there.

2016 Naval Submarine League Symposium

Well, the 2016 edition of the Annual Naval Submarine League Symposium is now history. As usual, it was time to catch up with a lot of old friends and shipmates, as well as meet a lot of new friends. This Symposium was little special for us. With the filming of Hunter Killer well underway, there was a lot of excitement, both official and unofficial, about the movie. It’s fun to have the CNO discuss the filming with you and to have SUBPAC discuss it during his presentation.

And, as if that weren’t enough. Don and I won Second Place in the Submarine League Literary Awards for excerpts from Dangerous Grounds that appeared in the August 2016 issue of the Submarine Review. Now, your favorite authors are your favorite Award Winning Authors.

Studio Visit for Hunter Killer

We’re back from an exciting trip to the studio in London where Millennium is filming Hunter Killer. We spent three days on set at Ealing Studio watching the filming (the NDA we signed prevents me telling you story-line details or taking any pictures on set). Spent time speaking with Gerard Butler, Jerry to his friends πŸ˜‰ Met Donovan Marsh, the Director, and a whole host of producers (there were seven producers on set). Everyone was very nice and gave us the Red Carpet treatment.
Also managed to get down to Portsmouth for a day. Toured the Royal Navy Dockyard there and HMS Victory. Bit of a bus-man’s holiday and some research. Pictures of that trip to follow.